Building Survey

A RICS building survey is provided by our RICS Chartered Surveyor; the building survey is very detailed, and gives a comprehensive report regarding the current condition of the property, the building survey is particularly useful when purchasing a property because:

• All defects to the property will be identified to allow you to budget accordingly.

A Building Survey, which is formally known as a Structural Survey is considered the most thorough property survey available and can take a surveyor several hours to complete. This survey will examine all parts of a property in detail, and if you wish to have any further specific areas looked at, for example the feasibility of adding an extension, then a Building Survey is the right choice.

The Building Survey is suitable for all types of property, including property that is listed, unusual or old. It is also the ideal survey if you wish to perform renovation work to the existing property or whether the property has already had extensions added to it and you want to ascertain their structural soundness.

The main details of the Building Survey will include:

• All major and minor faults found within the property, and the implications that these faults will have.

•  The timescale for the repairs for these defects.

• Testing for dampness of the walls, and results for these tests.

• Investigation into the condition of damp proofing, insulation and drainage – although the drains will not actually be tested.

• Proposals for any further special inspections and subsequent work which may need to be done on the property, due to findings during the survey.

• The report contains a comprehensive set of photographs to illustrate the text. All our Chartered Surveyors are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).